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永康保健產品總匯公司成立於1988年,以代理磁性產品系列:包括磁床、枕、腰帶、鞋墊、手球、頸 、手錬、遠紅外線護膝等為重點業務;同時擴展至高質量健康食品:包括高濃度DHA傳家寶魚油、亮麗青春寶、五合一羅苓果汁等以及各種類別的保健食品 。為滿足市場需求,本公司並代理各種皮膚保養品:包括玫瑰果油、美白羊胎素、活性緊膚去皺霜、眼霜、檸檬霜等,十多年來各產品極受消費者喜愛。本公司所代理各種產品均由美國大廠製造,絕對符合優良(GMP)標準。



WM Health Products Company has been in business selling health products since 1988.  We specialize in magnetic products including magnetic pillows and mattresses as sleeping aids.  We have magnetic belts and bands for the wrists, elbows and knees to ease joint pain.  We also have far infrared ray socks.

In addition, we also carry high quality vitamins and supplements, for example:
• New King DHA (600mg) with C and E, imported from Norway.
Noni Juice from the South Sea Island — the 5 in 1 Formula which raises your energy and burns fat simultaneouly.

Our female customers love our skin care products, which include Pearl Skin Complex with Placenta, Triple Action Skin Lightening that also provide suncreen, Placenta Moisture Cream with Collagen and elastin for younger looking skin, Instant Renueve Anti-Aging Cream, Rose Hips Oil, Peel Off Masque, and Aloe Skin Healing Cream.

To better serve our customers. WM Health Products company has two locations to serve you.  Over the years, customers  within continental USA have put their utmost trust in our company and at the same time enjoyed our free shipping policy.



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