• Placenta Moisture Cream 美白羊胎素面霜



Collagen and elastin naturally found in skin are supportive proteins essential to keeping it younger looking.  As skin matures, these vital proteins of your skin break down.
SKIN CARE Placenta Moisture Cream is a specially formulated complex with collagen and elastin to improve skin firmness and elasticity.  It's enriched with essential proteins and natural oils, leaving your skin moisturized and protected against the environmental aggressors throughout the day and night.  You will rediscover a younger looking skin - firmer, more supple, and incredibly soft and smooth.

Directions: Apply to face, neck and body both in the morning and night to renew your skin with protective care..

Net Wt.: 4 oz. (113g) and 8 oz. (226g)

Price: 4 oz.-$29.00  8 oz.-$39.00 



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